Questions and Answers

1. What is VN Market Research Community?

VN Market Research Community is an online community that, through expressing its opinion, influences the formation of services and products before they are marketed and refines emerging ones. Registration is completely free of charge and when you participate in online surveys, you will earn online points, with each point having a cash equivalent. At this moment, thousands of people from different countries and continents participate in online surveys, and with the expression of their opinion they give a desirable look to the services and products they use.

2. How can I become part of the VN Market Research Community?

Registration at the VN Market Research Community is completely free and will take no longer than 2 minutes. To become a part of our panel, please fill out the registration form.

3. What do I gain from participating in online surveys?

When successfully completed, you receive online points. Each online point has a cash equivalent and you will get an incentive when you collect a certain number of online points. The incentives will be paid within two weeks of collecting the required online points.

4. How many online points will I receive?

The table below will give you information about the online points you can get.

New registration

10 – online points

0.7 lv.

Fully completed survey

10-70 online points

0.7 – 4.20 lv

Friend’s registration

10 – online points

0.7 lv

5. When and how can I get voucher for my collected online points?

When you accumulate 500 points, you can exchange them for a 35 leva shopping voucher at, and when you accumulate 1000 points, you can exchange them for a voucher of 70 leva or money to be sent via Econt.

6. How do I recommend a friend?

We offer a unique opportunity to earn additional online points if you invite your friend or friends to join our online community. The more of your friends are registered, the more points we add to your account. To invite your friend/friends, please fill in their email address in the “Invite a friend” form in your account. We will add the online points for each invited friend after he / she successfully completed his / her registration and participates in a real survey (not a profile questionnaire).

7. How often will I be invited to participate in surveys?

You will be invited to participate in our surveys when your profile matches the survey requirements. Your participation is entirely voluntary and you have the right not to participate in any studies you consider inappropriate.

8. How can I update my data?

In the event of a change in your personal data, please log in to your account and apply the actual data in the registration form and the profiling questionnaires.

9. I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget your password, use the password forgotten button in the login form.

10. How can I terminate my membership in the VN Market Research Community?

To terminate your membership at VN Market Research Community, please email us at In this way, your membership will be terminated and you will not receive any further research. For more information contact us at