Privacy policy

Your privacy on the Internet is very important for VN Market Research. We have a duty to keep the confidentiality of personal information (which we require from you so that we can give you the opportunity to participate in the market surveys). Our main goal is to make your participation in online marketing research a pleasant experience. Our on-line marketing research does not aim to sell you products or ask for money from you.

We keep your personal information using the best software and hardware techniques, methods and procedures.

The purpose of our Confidentiality Policy is to introduce you with the ways in which we collect, store and protect information related to you, and so that you can understand your rights in relation to this information.

What information is required and for what purpose

When you register with VN Market Research Community, you voluntarily provide personal information (name, gender, date of birth, and email) attesting to your identity, which we keep. Another way to get information is through surveys.

When you participate in surveys, we collect your answers, merge them with the answers of other participants, and provide the results to our clients. Your answers are provided in a general, anonymous form, which means that the information will in no way carry or give personal details to you.

We use your email to send you invitations to online marketing research and to inform you about the VN Market Research Community news.

We use your name and address to send you the incentives received from surveys.

We use the personal information obtained through surveys to analyze the results.

Your identity and address is confirmed by your information. In the event of incorrect or misleading information, we may terminate your membership in the VN Market Research Community. We may use information such as email, registration date, IP address to verify the authenticity of our mailing list at the request of an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Persons under 14 years of age

VN Market Research Community does not collect Personal Information from persons under 14 years of age, except with the express consent of their parent (guardian). We encourage parents (guardians) of persons under the age of 14 to regularly check and control their children in the use of email and other activities on the Internet.


VN Market Research Community has made great efforts to protect the confidentiality of the identity, preferences and any other information we have requested from the panelists. We will never knowingly provide access to this information to anyone outside VN Market Research. We make serious investments in our server, database, backup database, firewall, and encryption technologies to protect the information we require from our panelists. All employees of VN Market Research are required to comply with the terms of this Confidentiality Policy. The Confidentiality Policyobliges these employees to keep the information of the panelists strictly confidential. The obligation remains also after the employee leaves our company. You should also be involved in the process of protecting your information. Your VN Market Research Community password is confidential and we recommend that you do not disclose it to anyone and prevent anyone from disclosing it.

Confidentiality Boundaries

In exceptional situations (if required by law, court order, etc.) your personal information may be provided to a third party for which you will be informed in good time!

Termination of membership in the VN Market Research Community

To terminate your membership in the VN Market Research Community you must send an e-mail to Upon receipt of this letter (within a business day), your membership will be terminated and all relevant information collected in VN Market Research panel will be deleted. As a result, you will not receive anymore invitations for marketing research studies. After your account deletion, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the VN Market Research Community team that your account and all related data have been deleted.

Consent to the Confidentiality Policy

Upon joining the VN Market Research Community, you agree to the terms of this CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY. We may change our Confidentiality Policyat a certain time, so we suggest that you periodically review this page. If we make any changes to our Confidentiality Policy, we will outline the changes here. If you continue to use the VN Market Research Community software after a change in our policy, this is considered to be in agreement with it and its changes.

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First effective: August 22, 2018
This version: Effective October 04, 2021